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Jennifer To Undergo Makeover In ‘Saraswatichandra’, Show Track To Shift To Mumbai

Jennifer Winget

She wore some modern dresses in London but that particular look of Kumud was only limited to her London trip. And now that she is back to India she has switched to her original Gujarati look. But if sources are to be believed, very soon Jennifer aka Kumud will undergo a complete makeover in the show. A reliable source from production team of ‘Saraswatichandra’ reveals “Very soon the story of Saras and Kumud will shift to Mumbai as Saras will get a new project in Mumbai.

Along with a new place and a new set, ‘Saraswatichandra’ will also see a makeover of its heroine Kumud. However the change will not be sudden. It will happen in phases , after Kumud shifts to Mumbai. The channel is in process of finalizing her look.”

Kumud had earlier gone slight makeover in the past, post her first marriage to Pramad and her second marriage to Saraswatichandra, but each time her look was more or less of a small town Gujarati girl. First time ever she will be given a modern city touch.

However there will be no change is Saras’s look as his look as it is not required. Source further says “Saras looks every inch of suave and sophisticated city boy. So his looks are completely in sync with Mumbai.”

Well, we really wish the change in the show will gives renewed freshness to the show.

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