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Spoiler Alert: Sadda Haq, Dil Dosti Dance & Paanch

Spoiler Alert

Paanch: Roshni doesn’t want Gauri to quit college,so she challenge Gauri to a race. Roshni is warned about the Paanch plan by Gauti. However ,she’s given only half the information.

Sadda Haq: Randhir notices Sanyukta and Parth working together on the machine and gets affected. He than clicks a photograph of Sanyukta . Sanyukta  Pacifies her fiance. Randhir warns Jiggi to not harm Sanyukta and Kaustuki again. Parth warns Randir against bothering Sanyukta and interfering in her personal life.

Dil Dosti Dance: Swayam misses Sharon after having dropped her at the airport .Meanwhile, Rey feels good when he recount  his moments with Kriya. Rey gets angry on Kriya for having missed movie date. Swayam gets worried after talking to the VP. Rey is annoyed with Kriya as her delay has made them miss the Movie. Kriya tries to make Rey happy.



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