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Spoiler Alert: Jhalli Anjali, Sadda Haq & Dil Dosti Dance

Spoiler Alert

Jhalli Anjali: Anjali is unable to deal with Angad’s rejection. Her father suggests an idea to vent her frustration. Anjali decides to move to Delhi to start a new life. Angad says that he is unwell.

Sadda Haq: Sameer is annoyed on learning that Sanyukta is pursuing engineering. He puts forth five conditions to her. Sanyukta has found a way to avoid Sameer’s calls. Sanyukta will get the news of Randhir’s parent’s getting divorce.

Dil Dosti Dance: Kriya doesn’t tell Rey about an offer that she received to star in a commercial. Kriya speaks to the Dean of her college and agrees to the terms of the contract. When Rey realize that Kriya has agreed to the terms of the NY dance academy,he decides to confront Kriya.

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