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Spoiler Alert: Jhalli Anjali, Sadda Haq & Dil Dosti Dance.

Spoiler Alert

Jhalli Anjali: Anjali will spend a night at deserted place.Finaaly Anjali will reach Delhi. Will she manage to get admission in the college????

Sadda Haq: Randhir forcefully ties down Sanyukta in the library.Meanwhile her fiance comes looking for her. Randhir ridicules Parth for having had an affair for money.Randhir and Parth fight while Sanyukta comes to save Randhir.

Dil Dosti Dance:  Kriya informs rey that everybody from the D3 gang cannot be part of the affiliation,Dean of NY dance academy refuses to budge when Kriya tries to convince him for selecting more than 4 people from the D3 gang. Sharon’s mom secretly agrees with the board of directors regarding the contract of the NY dance academy affiliation.

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