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Madhu To File A Compliant Of “Marital Rape” Against Raja In Madhubala


In Madhubala we had seen that Raja tires to gets the promise made by Madhu on having lost the challenge fulfilled by Madhu, but Madhu escapes narrowly. On the other hand, Leelavati makes full preparations for the departure of Raja and Madhu with gifts and sweets. Seeing this, Sunny gets angry and tells Leelavati that he will not allow Raja to take Madhu back with him. Meanwhile, in the car Raja again tries to get romantic with Madhu.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Raja want’s to kiss Madhu but he will refuse. Raja than gets her grandmother (Dida) and BittoJi to Mumbai, Both will be shocked to discover that Madhu is married. While Dida will instantly accepts the marriage as she feels RK and Madhu are back, Bittoji will be shocked at Madhu’s attitude as she married Raja without informing  any of them. Madhu will be extremely hurt and will tell Raja that she will now behave extremely defiant with him and will ensure  that he himself throws her out of the house. Later on Bhanu’s instigation ,Raja will force himself on Madhu. Madhu will later files a compliant of “Marital Rape” on Raja. Raja will apologizes to her, but maintains that they are a couple and getting intimate with her doesn’t account for Rape. But Raja will be jailed.


One comment on “Madhu To File A Compliant Of “Marital Rape” Against Raja In Madhubala

  1. wish they don’t make it so typical.


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