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Narendra Shocked To See Rashika Physical With Her Ex-Boss In Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu

In Balika Vadhu, Ganga gets to know that a child marriage is going to take place in a village close to Jaitsar. Ganga tries to get in touch with Jagya but is unable to. She reaches the location and somehow manages to escape with the child bride. She sees Shyamalbhai in the wedding and her doubts on him intensifies. She hides with the child bride while the villagers are chasing her. She calls up Jagya and manages to get in touch this time. Jagya hurries to her rescue.

In Udaipur, Rasika gets a call from her ex-boss, Brijesh Sanghvi who tells her that she has created a wave in govt. circles. Brijesh tells Rasika that he is outside her house so she rushes to open the door. The villagers find Ganga and the child bride. Narendra gets back home and is stunned to see Rashika physical with her ex-boss ,Brijesh on his bed. Rashika confesses to Brijesh that she has falsely accused Shiv for sexually molesting her as he didn’t play along with her for being physically intimate.

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