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Team D3 To Get Arrested In Dil Dosti Dance

Dil Dosti Dance

In Dil Dosti Dance we had seen that On Sharon’s insistence, Swayam meets her mother. He becomes nervous while talking to her. Kriya urges the Dean to select the entire D3 team for the dance academy. The Vice-Principal wishes to finalise his decision regarding the NYDA contract. The D3 team attends Jignesh and Rini’s engagement party. Rey informs the team that the Dean has decided to select only four members for the dance academy. Bharat vents his anger on Rey regarding the same. Rey wants to reconcile with Bharat.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes,  Bharat will learn that Rey has paid his college fees and will decide to confront him. Meanwhile, the D3 team will decide to protest against the NYDA for having decided to select only 4 people. The D3 gang will decide to protest by staying in the college all night long. However, the college authorities will retaliate to their protest.

Source informed that Team D3 will be arrested. However they will be released on bail soon after. Later it will be revealed that Sharon’s mother was behind their arrest.

How will Sharon react to this when she will learn that her mother was behind all this???

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