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Adi To Kiss Ayesha In Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Logo

In Star Plus Pyaar Ka Dard Hai we had seen that Nafeesa convinces Aisha to celebrate Aditya’s wedding anniversary. Nilufer does not want Aisha to celebrate Aditya’s wedding anniversary at midnight, and instructs her to sleep. Aisha keeps an alarm, and wakes up at midnight. She sneaks into the Deewan mansion. Aditya shows a video footage of Pankhuri to Aisha. He promises Aisha that he will become a good husband. Aisha pretends to recall Pankhuri’s past, in front of Aditya.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Arif will be shocked to know about Ayesha story and will decides to tell Adi. Nafisa will suggest Ayesha to be like Pankhuri and to dress up like her in front of Adi & Ayesha will agree. Ayesha  will gain consiousness and will behave as if she is Pankhuri and she remembers everything, Adi will get happy.Adi and Pankhuri (Ayesha) will spend quality time together. Adi will kissAyesha and suddenly he will realize something and  will get away from Ayesha, Ayesha will also feel awkward and will leave the pool. Adi will understand she is not Pankhuri and someone else.Adi will angrily asks Ayesha who is she, Ayesha will tell him to ask his Dad and Nani and will leave. Arif  will show Nafisa original death certificate of Pankhuri. Adi will remove all the decorations in frustration and will break down.

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