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Spoiler Alert:Sasural Simar Ka, Balika Vadhu & Uttaran

Spoiler Alert

Sasural Simar Ka: Aditi tells her that Sunaina had called her the next day so she knows that she didn’t die in accident. Roli hesitates to tell Aditi the truth and Aditi gives her number to Roli. The note on which she gives the number falls from Roli’s purse. We introduce Kartik who is Vikrant’s brother and works as a doctor in Delhi hospital. Roli decides to meet Aditi.

Balika Vadhu: Kalyani assures Gulli’s grand parents that she will find Gulli a suitable groom. Saanchi tries to explain her side of the story to Subhadra ,but she instead passes sarcastic comments on Saanchi.  After shortlisting a boy for Gulli,Kalyani asks the pandit to invite the boy and his family to Badi Haveli. At Kaiser Bagh, Daddu yells at Subhadra for meddling in everyone’s business and stand’s up for Saanchi-Vivek, Anandi-Shiv. When a lady complain about a ration shop owner not giving her ration, Jagya assures her that he will look into the matter personally. In her room , seeing that no one has come to stop her, Subhadra is heartbroken and closes the lid of her suitcase.

Uttaran: Meethi tries to escape and realize to her shock that she is sarhad paar and we build on looming threat of insp. Khan and cops finding her.

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