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Divyanka Tripathi Abused By An Outsider On The Set

Television actress, Divyanka Tripathi could not have expected people to behave in such a bad manner. Few days back, the actress during the shooting of her serial ‘Yeh Hain Mohabbatein’ faced a very bad situation on the set.
According to the daily, The Divyanka informs, “I have been shooting in Killick Nixon studio for a very long time and such incident had never occurred to me till the last week. I was getting ready to give my shot. Suddenly an unidentified man comes to me and started using abusive language. He was drunk. He kept on passing bad remarks. Since my shot was getting delayed, I just ignored him and went for the shot. It was really a long shot. I was very disturbed and it affected my work too. So, finally I had to discuss the whole incident with my director. Few minutes later, Karan Patel also became aware about it and finally the man was beaten up for his misbehavior. The whole team is very protective towards me and I am very thankful to them.”
The man is now handed over to the local police.

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