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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu & Uddan

Spoiler Alert

Udaan: As Chakor is dragged inside the Haveli, Bhaiyaji wants to know Chakor managed to escape owing to who’s carelessness. Vivaan’s name comes out as a guard says he saw Vivaan  talking to Chakor before she escaped, Manohar abd Ranjana argue as Vivaan is disturbed. Some villager have come to the Haveli with a plea to pardon the interest. Chakor gets excited to hear some villagers have come expecting her father to be amongst them. Bhaiyaji pardons the interest but till the work resumes. Chakor is dismal to see Bhuwan isn’t present there,. Girja behaves sadistic with Chakor.

Balika Vadhu: Daddu rubs Subhadra’s ankle as she falls in the room . At the clinic the doctor tells Anandi that he will give her the reports in couple of hours as Anandi tells him that she will personally come to take the reports. The cobra bites Gehna. Kalyani sucks the venomed blood to save Gehna. Kalyani takes Gehna to the hospital. Kalynai is affected too by the Venom. Kalyani and Gehna are being treated in different rooms. Jagya tells Kalyani about the things  that need to be followed if a snake bite a person. Kalyani humorously tells Jagya that if she would have been educated she would have definitly known the proper things which need to be done. At Udaipur the doctor tells Anandi that they have found traces of Cocaine in Anandi’s blood.


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