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Prem To Breaks Down Knowing Sunaina’s Aatma Truth In Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka

In  upcoming episodes of Sasural Simar Ka, Surbhi and Prem will come to mall for shopping . Prem will say that he wants to make a call for flight details and tell Surbhi to go forward. Vikrant will say to Prem in angriness “why you always come back in our life”???. Here he’s referring Simar and himself. Prem will tell he’ll not come ever between them. Now Vikrant will try to convience him, he takes all wrong. Surbhi comes back.

Surbhi will ask what happen. Prem will say her to go for shopping and  he will meet him in the hotel, he has some work. Surbhi will get a call from Pari. She will tell her the whole story , few hours ago what happened in Bhardwaj house. Here Prem will come and sign the papers without reading them. Simar will ask her to read but he sisn’t read them. Simar will request him to listen to her. Prem will say you are betraying  him always. Vikrant has asked him to get out from her’s life. He also told him about her and his relation. Simar will be stunned…

Saturday’s Episode: Roli will say to Sid today is the big day for her. She’s going to call simar to tell her the truth but Sid recognize her Simar’s promise . Roli will say it’s over now. Mataji will come there and will tell Roli to call Prem , Mataji will tell Prem the truth of Sunaina’s Aatma … Prem will break down….

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