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Zain To Suffer Memory Loss In Beintehaa


In Beintehaa , As per the current track Everyone dresses up for the fancy dress completion and complement each other. Zarina gets a call from Rocket and she asks him where he is, and he replies that he is very near. Suddenly, Zarina gets a shock when she sees Bilaal and Shazia dancing. Zain and Aaliya make a great couple in the party. Meanwhile, the goons from Goa are waiting outside to kidnap Zain.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Rocket will replace Zain. Bilaal and his gang of goons will abduct Zain and will beat him badly. Aaliya will get an unusual feelings.

However , Zain will free himself from the clutches of goons.  Zain will suffer from severe memory loss.Rocket will tear a legal paper documents and will assert of sticking to his dad’s decision. Zareena will get infuriated. Rocket will produce an liable for not going to work.. alibi

P.S – Detail Spoiler From Tomorrow’s Morning….

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