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Aarzoo Try To Hide Her Feelings From Sahir In Humsafars


Humsafars: Aarzoo comes to office starts doing her work and doesn’t see Sahir, seeing this kind of behavior  Sahir gets curious to know why is she doing this. Sahir indirectly call Aarzoo in her cabin to get few files but she still doesn’t see him just does her work and leaves. Zaqqi who has come in office sees Aarzoo coming out of Sahir’s cabin and he gets lost in her dreams, he ask Aarzoo to come for a drive in the evening as he wants to speak to her. Sahir is looking very irritated as Aarzoo is not behaving normal whereas Aarzoo is also trying hard to hide her feelings. Sahir gets the news from Rehman that finally the funds has been arranged to merge with Singapore client. He gets a flash that this deal he got is because of Aarzoo so he thinks that he should thank her for this …..

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