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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu & Udaan

Spoiler Alert

Balika Vadhu: Khazaan and Daddu are together as they exchange pleasant words, chat and speak about Anandi’s wonderful behavior and nature. Kalyani tells Maakhan enough of your explanation (Gehna is in the kitchen) , go tell her  to come as quickly as possible, we need to go tend to Niranjan. Makhaan nods and hurries off towards the kitchen. Nandu is halfway down the stairs, dressed for school. He’s seen and heard everything. Nandu looks upset as he thinks- Now Dadisa will make Maa take care of Niranjan Ji. I will have to stop it some how . even if it means not going to school. Daddu asks Subhadra that did she meet Khazaan … Subhadra tells Daddu that she will do so once she has food. Subhadra mentally kicks herself, muttering that main toh kuch aur soch rahi thi aur yeh toh ulta hi ho gaya.. Now i’ll have to meet that disgusting man anyhow..

Udaan: Even after much dissuading from Ishwar and Abha , Chakor determinedly  agrees to doing whatever Kamal will ask for in lieu of Ishwar’s release. She is made to run all the way from Sitapur police station to Azadgunj as Kamal and Tejaswani come in the car. To everyone surprise a dedicated Chakor , determined to release Ishwar runs and reaches the haweli. Ishwar, Abha and Aditya are worried sick over what punishment will Kamal decide for Chakor in lieu of Ishwar’s release as they know Chakor will absolutely, definitely agrees to any condition for Ishwar’s release. Ishwar than sends Abha to the village to inform Chakor’s parents about these development so that they can dissuade and stop Chakor from making some big sacrifice for Ishwar. Aditya is asked to find out from Vivaan what condition is laid in front of Chakor for Iswar’s release..

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