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Veera And Baldev To Get Married In Star Plus’ Veera


Beyond Dreams’ popular show Veera has always attracted the audience with its enthralling track. The show has managed to keep its audiences glued to the show.

As per the current track Rajveer deletes Nihal’s message from Baldev’s mobile phone. Baldev tries to prove his innocence to Veera and informs her that Rajveer is trying to frame him for the murder. Later, Bansari asks Balwant to get Baldev released from jail.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Veera will try to convince Ranvi, but in vain. She gets upset being torn between her brother and her love over the death of her father figure. Baldev will get injured at the Jail and Bansuri will ask Ranvi to find out. Rajveer will trick Ranvi in believing that Baldev is the one fighting here. Ranvi will come home and will tell Veera that she will never meet Baldev again as tomorrow, he is going to sign the testimony papers.

Here, Balwant will somehow arrange the Bail papers. Jaggi and Billa will inform Veera that Baldev is in a bad shape and that now she can only do something. They will ask her if she would still go ahead as her veerji says. Veera will get in a dilemma. Baldev will try to contact Veera but she doesn’t answer. Just when he starts to believe that Veera has left his side, Veera will call him to meet at the temple and will marry  there.

Furthermost, Before leaving for the police station Ranvi will look for Veera but she is nowhere to be found. Balwant and Bansuri will realise that Baldev too has gone missing. When all frantically search for both, they will come home married…Ranvi will stand there in disbelief and will end all ties with Veera and will ask them to leave. At Baldev’s place,Bansuri will reluctantly welcome Veera and Baldev at home. However when Veera will try to explain Baldev why she married him he will get angry with her…

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