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Sahir To Feels Bad For Aarzoo, Zaki To Blame Sahir For Aarzoo’s Situation In Humsafars


Humsafars: Sahir gets Aarzoo back home; everybody gets shocked seeing Aarzoo who’s fainted in Sahir’s hands. Sahir explains everyone the Cab incident and how he saved her at the end moment , everybody feels sad, Nausheen thank Sahir for saving her daughter. Aarzoo’s words and flashes are going all around Sahir’s mind. He gets angry on himself and jumps in the pool and tries to hide himself under water. Anam calls up Zaki and tells him about Aarzoo, Zaki hurriedly comes back home, he rushes to Aarzoo’s room , he consoles Nausheen who is still in the trauma. He further tells Zara who also looks shaken by this incident to be strong as he is there and now no thing wrong will happen. Zaki goes and meet Sahir and he questions him if even this was his set up??? Sahir who looks and composed now, tells him about the whole incident and how he helped Aarzoo at the end moment. Zaki still blames Sahir for all this mis chief…

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