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Bigg Boss Halla Bol,Day 10: Everything is fair in love and war!

A feeling of uncertainty and anxiety takes over the housemates with every passing day as politics and games intensify with Bigg Boss – Halla Bol nearing its Finale. With Champions and Challengers swapping places, friends and foes have been trading places as well. Dimpy has been unhappy as she has been feeling betrayedl at the hands of her close friend Karishma Tanna. This has led to Dimpy sowing the seeds of hatred against Karishma amongst the housemates with the help of her estranged husband Rahul Mahajan.

Where at one end resentment thrives, love has been budding on the other. The walls of Bigg Boss house have been painted red with the increasing intimacy between lovebirds Upen and Karishma. But the housemates begin to question the integrity of Karishma, who claimed to have a boyfriend outside since Day – 1 on the show.

With the end of the week comes the responsibility of selecting a worthy leader of the house. Bigg Boss asks the Champions to decide, who amongst them is unworthy to hold the responsibility of captaincy. Since Ali refuses to back down and Sambhavna beseeches for an opportunity to prove her worth on the show, Mahek and Karishma decide to withdraw their names hoping that Pritam can be a worthy contender for captaincy in this week.

The captaincy would be determined by a task called “Captain’s Carrom Board”, between Pritam, Ali and Sambhavna. Each contender is required to throw a disc with their name from the starting line towards the captaincy ‘C’ sign on the board; the disc that reaches either on the sign or closest to it will determine the captain for this week. However, it would not be this simple, since the challengers play a very important role in this task. Each Challenger gets 3 chances to help their contender. While each contender gets the opportunity to plead their case to the Challengers, the game goes way beyond their control and into the hands of the Challengers. To ensure fair play, Bigg Boss appoints Upen Patel as the mediator for the task.

Since the Challengers won the task – Bigg Boss Ka Call Center, they are rewarded the luxury budget for this week. But each day is not the same in the house of Bigg Boss and can never be predicted. Bigg Boss announces another surprise for the Challengers, as they get an option to choose between the luxury items for themselves or an opportunity to swap a Challenger for a Champion. After lengthy debates and supplication Sana is able to convince her co-Challengers to trade places with a Champion. And to avenge her insulting transfer the previous week, Dimpy advocates swapping Sana with Champion Karishma making her vulnerable to evictions for the following week.

The realities of Bigg Boss – Halla Bol can either be a dream for one housemate or it can turn into a nightmare for another. Will Karishma survive Dimpy’s onslaught? And who will emerge as the Captain this week?

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