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Saada Haq turns 300!!

Sadda Haq (1)

Producer Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik duo is churning out wide variety of shows like Veera (On Star Plus), Saada Haque (channel V) and Million Dollar Girl ( Channel V). All the shows are being talked about their unique content and connecting with the masses.

Saada Haq the youthful show completed 300 episodes and it was celebrated with cake cutting on the set.

Producer Yash Patnaik says, “ Sadda Haq has been a landmark show for us in many ways. It was our first in the youth space. With Sadda, we didn’t want to follow the existing trend of youth programming, which was in practice for the past decade. We wanted to bring a new trend for next decade rather. We realised that India is changing fast, so does its youth. They are no more the candy floss youth living in a fairytale world. They are evolving. They are getting serious towards their life and career. We did our bit of research in few cities to understand the mood and aspiration. That’s how we developed our philosophy for youth content. Be it Sadda Haq, Million Dollar Girl or the new youth shows we are currently working on”.

When asked about Million Dollar Girl’s doing well he says, “Through Million Dollar Girl we wanted to enter the heartland India. The idea was to address the young India which wants to break free. Where every youth is not only bubbling with ideas they have the guts to execute the ideas in to action, with or without opportunities available to them. MDG is the story of Avanti. Daughter of a lower middle class family without a male member. She hates to be typecast as a middle-class where you can have either this or that. She wanted both. Avanti knows ‘destiny is not what is written for you, destiny is what you write for yourself.’ She decides to be an entrepreneur, by hook or crook. It surprised the audience when we showed Avanti selling male underwears in the street of Banaras. Because she got more margin in that business.  We set the show in the heartland of Indian culture and tradition – Banaras. How she goes all the way and breaks all the rules written for girls and makes it big is the story of MDG. Thats how we named the show Million Dollar Girl – Banaras to Paris. In the show we are addressing the fight between handloom versus powe rloom. While realising her dream to be an entrepreneur how she starts a revolution is the crux of the story”

Both the shows are doing very well. Sadda has been the number one show of Channel V from the very beginning. It has broken all previous records of the channel as well as the competition in ratings and followings apart from bagging almost all awards in India. Looking at the success, the broadcasters turned it in to a One Hour Daily (6 days a week) form this month. Expectedly, as the one hour daily format Sadda is continuing its success. In fact since Sadda has become one hour, the slot performance of 6.30 to 7.30 has grown up by 22%, which is commendable.

Beyond Dreams consolidated their performance with Million Dollar Girl, which is the second highest rated show of the channel behind Sadda Haq.

Apart from Sadda and Million Dollar Girl Beyond Dreams has a successful show in Veera which is telecast on Star Plus for past three years. In Veera we had addressed a very sensitive issue. ‘Child are never illegitimate, parents can be’. Veera was born out of an one night stand of Sampoorn Singh. How she enters the family and takes centre stage was the story. We felt people may not accept such a sensitive subject. So we wrapped it in a packaging of brother sister relationship. The campaign ‘duniya ki sabse anokhi maa’ created the right mood for Veera and made Veera an instant hit. It has been the slot leader across all channels for over 600 episodes.

On being asked about the secret of success Producer Yash Patnaik says, “ As a production house we have applied many new experiments not only to the content but to the process as well. We have invested heavily on the content team. There are 10 top rated bestseller novelists in our content team exclusively working on our existing and new shows. Between them they have over two dozens of national bestsellers. Mamta Patnaik heads the content team and grooms the new talent. This has been an exciting phase in our journey so far”.

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