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The New Love Birds!

Shipla Ananad

Actress Shilpa Anand who was once upon a time flavour of the season seems to be head over heels over actor cum astrologer Raman Handa. Raman Handa for the uninitiated is a well known astrologer who wins heart of people in one go.

Shilpa and Raman met just over a month back and their friendship has blossomed really well within no time.
In fact, both keep visiting each other’s place, quite frequently is what we hear. And considering that Raman lives in Goregaon and Shilpa in Bandra, guess the distance factor does not worry them at all.

It is also heard that Shilpa did meet up with Raman initially on a professional basis through a common friend Munisha Khatwani, wherein she sought for his guidance on the astrological front. Well, they are now spotted together at many events. They also hang out with a common group of friends, at the same time choose to get that ‘special’ private time for themselves. well pictures speak thousand words. Pyar chupaye nahi chupta hope you come out in the open soon about the blossoming friendship.

Don’t give us the crap of being “Just good friends” . Guys why dont you think of doing Naach Baliye?

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