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Prem to win his property and house back in Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka

Colors’ TV popular show Sasural Simar Ka  has always attracted the audience with its enthralling track. The show has managed to keep its audiences glued to the show.

As per the current track, Rai Bahadur questions Maya about making a call at the ashram. In the meantime, Prem calls Rai Bahadur to accept his challenge. Meanwhile, Maya informs the Bhardwaj family about her unsuccessful attempt to get her mani. Later on, the females of the society come to Bhardwaj house to celebrate teej.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Everyone will be busy with Teej preparations. MJ will ask Roli and Simar to apply mehendi. Prem will sign the blank paper and will also ask Rajveer to gamble in the Mani. Roli will ask Sid to meet in the store room.

Maya will manage to stop MJ from seeing Roli and Sid together, in the store room. Roli will thank Maya and will pray for her to get the Mani back. Here all the ladies will be ready with their thal (Pooja’s thal). MJ will scold Sid for not being around.

Rajveer will tell Prem that they will play three rounds of card game, where he will gamble in Bhardwaj house and property papers.

Here everyone will enjoy the festival, by dancing and singing merrily, where Simar will perform a special dance in anticipation of Prem. On the other hand, Prem will win two round, winning the property and house.

One comment on “Prem to win his property and house back in Sasural Simar Ka

  1. guys did u here dey r gonna do mahabharat
    stop dis nonsense new story or twist whatever u call u r insulting the great epic mahabharat and u r insulting draupadi as well see this is kali yugam and we cannot believe in superstitous just think viewers any of these kinds of problem occur anywhere in our world just think are u all mind srry cvs but i’m damn sure ur trb ratings will go down and y not u r showing roli as a main character see in dis serial both r d main character i believe but y r u showing her as a dull character and finally pls stop dis new story of urs I mean mahabharat


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