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Amit Gaur talks about the recent kissing scene with Ashmita Jaggi


Amit Gaur who plays Tarun Kapoor in hit show “Swim Team” speaks about the recent kiss he did onscreen

What was the kissing sequence?

-It was between TK  (Tarun Kapoor) and Umang wherein TK is a little tipsy after having a few drinks and Umang who is in love with and obsessed over TK joins him in the pool and at some point takes advantage and kisses him.

Who was the co-star?

– The characters are TK and Umang -the role of which is played by Ashmita Jaggi.

Was it first ever kiss onscreen? 

-Yes this was my first. I was spontaneous. The response has been good.

You have done film force and now doing TV. Do you feel tv folks are prepared for bold sequences? Express your views?

-This is my foray into television and my first show . I don’t know if people in TV are prepared or not . I haven’t seen shows on TV at all before this. If a script demands it , then I think it’s perfectly fine to do any scene. Bold or not so bold doesn’t matter. the scenes should go with the flow of the story.

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