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Raghu to save Anu’s life, Show to take a 1 year leap

Shastri Sisters

Gear up for the high voltage in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ Shastri Sisters..

As per the current track, Guggal reaches the farmhouse and asks the Sareen family to give her the proof. Elsewhere, Kajal throws away Anu’s phone from the car and later on goes onto inform about her being killed. In the meantime, Rajat questions Minti about the whereabouts of Anu. Meanwhile, Minti calls Kajal to know about Anu and gets worried about her daughter-in-law.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, the show will take a leap of 1 year, In Sareen house some preparation will be going on. Sareen will be busy with preparation. Panditji will tell Minty about the special sweet to be brought . Neel will tell he will go and bring that sweet.

In Shastri House, Devyani will get ready for engagement. Here Rajat will be in front of Anu’s photograph.

Here, In a small room Anu is tied to chair. One man will come towards Anu , It’s Raghu. He will be madly in love with Anu. He will tell Anu to accept it. In this process he will also hurt Anu. Finally, at Shastri house it will get revealed that Rajat and Devyani is going to get engaged…

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