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Ragini to get upset with Swara in Swaragini


Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ popular show “Swaragini”

As per the current track, Ragini plays an audio clip of Swara and Lakshay gets stunned by it. Elsewhere, Sharmistha questions Shekhar if Shobha staying at home will create a problem. In the meantime, Lakshay, Ragini and Sanskar reach the club where Swara is and get shocked by her behaviour. Later, Lakshay gets into a fight at the club with a few people as Sanskar calls the Police.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Lakshya and Swara will reach the coffee shop and will try to find the guy who offered water to Swara as they feel he was the one who drugged Swara but they will get to know that he has left the  job a day before.

Maheshwari’s will come to Swara’s house for the engagement and they will find Swara unaware of the event and she will be casually dressed in tracks. Dadi will ask Ragini to help Swara to get ready so as not to offend her in-laws. Ragini will get upset with Swara as she wants to meet Lakshya without informing her…

Will Ragini sabotage Swara???

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