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#SpoilerAlert: Sasural Simar Ka and it’s upcoming twist

Sasural Simar Ka

Colors’ TV popular show Sasural Simar Ka  has always attracted the audience with its enthralling track. The show has managed to keep its audiences glued to the show.

As per the current track, Thakuryan’s men get Mohini and her mother into the car. Meanwhile, Roli and Simar try to calm Mataji down. Elsewhere, Siddhanth asks Amar to better wait for the cops so as to help Mohini and her mother. Later on, police shoot at Thakurayan to stop her from killing Mohini’s mother. On the other hand, Roli shares her relief that Simar’s marriage with Prem can now proceed smoothly.

Now in it’s upcoming episode, Sunanda will thank the family members. Roli will feel grateful, since Thakurain  is in hospital, under police observation.

Family will decide to shift Prem and Simar’s marriage in the farm house. And meanwhile they will decide to do the renovation of Bhardwaj house.  Mataji will ask Sunanda and Mohini to accompany them and they will agree. Roli and Sid will leave for farm house. Thakurain will wince in pain but will still decide to catch them.

Thakurain will see two constable outside the room and will turn and will look towards the window. At Bhardwaj house, all the people will get ready to leave for the farm house. Simar will see the black imprint of hand and will get the flashes of all that went wrong . She will start to hit the mark with the help of an iron rod an d will manage to remove it.

The family will leave for the farm house . The black cat will look at the scrapped pillar. Thakurain will reach the Bhardwaj house and will come to know from a neighbour that the family has shifted at their farm house,.


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