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Devyani refuse to marry Rajat in Colors’ Shastri Sisters

Shastri Sisters

Gear up for the high voltage in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ Shastri Sisters..

As per the current track, Anu changes into the dress given by Raghav and goes to meet the doctor for dinner. Raghav goes on to propose marriage to Anu. Elsewhere, it is revealed that Rajat staying with Sareen family is duplicate as he meets the real Rajat. In the meantime, Anu tries to console an emotional Raghav. Meanwhile, Sareen and Minti ask duplicate Rajat to carry out his responsibilities dutifully. Later on, the servant gets to know about Anu being locked in a room by Raghav.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Anu will try to run away from Raghav’s house with the help of Bela but her plan will fail. Sameer will get a call from Devyani, Sameer will tell him that he is coming back.

Bela by mistakenly will tell Raghav about Anu. Sameer will go to Rajat and will tell him that Anu is no more. Raghav will tell Anu that from now onwards he will not take her outside. Sameer will come to Raghav’s house to enquire about Anu, Raghav will give Sameer Anu’s death certificate.

Here Raghav will threaten Anu. Sameer will look at death certificate and will leave. Anu will get puzzled seeing Rajat (Sameer). Sameer will leave. Raghav will go and will tell Anu that even Rajat is not interested in you now. Here at home Devyani will tell family that she is not going to marry Rajat, everyone will get surprised….

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