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Amar to confess his love for Mohini, Thakurayan to tell Roli and Sid about Mohini and Sunanda In Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka

Colors’ TV popular show Sasural Simar Ka  has always attracted the audience with its enthralling track. The show has managed to keep its audiences glued to the show.

As per the current track, Mohini uses the part of the saree that she tore off from Simar and starts praying. Meanwhile, Simar starts feeling sick and is unable to carry on with the marriage rituals. Elsewhere, Thakurayan tries to convince the Inspector that Mohini and Sunanda are dangerous people. In the meantime, Prem picks Simar up so as to finish the ritual of the marriage.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes,  Simar and Prem will be welcomed back. Anjali and Sanjana (still) will be very calm and silent. Mataji will ask Simar to prepare some sweet for Matarani. Meanwhile, Mohini will decide to bring something for kids. Sid will get a call from inspector  where he will tell him that Thakurain has to tell them something,.

On Roli’s insistence both of them will go to meet Thakurain in the jail. Meanwhile, Mohini will takes out some black powder from her dupatta and will recite some Mantra and then will sprinkle it on the fruits that Simar will present Matarani…

Amar will interrupt Mohini’s thought process , while Mohini pretends to be fine. Amar will confess his love for her. Uma will over hear this and will tell the family. Sunanda will not like this.  Mataji will scold Uma for telling this in a mocking way and will call Amar.

Sunanda will ask Mohini about Amar, as this might deviate them from their mission. Here Simar will manage to convince Mataji to ask for Mohini’s hand for Amar from Sunanda. Mohini will explain Sunanda that it would be very safe for them to use Amar for this purpose.

Here Thakurain will tell Roli and Sid that Mohini and Sunanda are Dayaan and not her and they are using black magic.

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