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Roli and Sid to bring Thakurayan in the Bhardwaj house in Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka

Colors’ TV popular show Sasural Simar Ka  has always attracted the audience with its enthralling track. The show has managed to keep its audiences glued to the show.

As per the current track, Mohini tells Sunanda that along with destroying the Bhardway family and at the same time, end Prem and Simar’s relationship. Meanwhile, Prem and Simar ask Sanjana and Anjali as to what is wrong. In the meantime, Police Inspector calls Sidhanth and informs about Thakurayan wanting to meet them. Later on, Amar expresses his feelings for Mohini and Uma overhears the conversation.

Now in it’s upcoming episode, Prem will call Mohini to ask her about Amar and her marriage. Mohini will say Yes for the marriage. Sunanda too will agree for Amar and Mohini’s marriage.

Thakurain will manage to convince Roli and Sid to give her one chance to prove herself as also the Police has not got any proof against her yet. Roli will call Simar and will inform her that they are bringing Thakurain home.

Simar will also inform Prem about, Thakurain being brought home. Amar will overhear this conversation and will decide to find out the truth whether Mohini is a Dayaan or not.

Mohini will give Pooja ki thal to Simar , by that time Thakurain will come with Roli and Sid. She will point out towards Mohini and Sunanda and will tell all that they are the Dayaan.

Mataji will give Thakurain a chance to prove herself. Thakurain will ask Mohini to stand in front of Matarani but Mohini will ask her to do so first.

Amar will support Mohini and will ask Thakurain to do Pooja as well. Thakurain will agree and will do the Pooja.

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