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Police to re-arrest Thakurayan, Mohini refuse to marry Amar in Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka

Colors’ TV popular show Sasural Simar Ka  has always attracted the audience with its enthralling track. The show has managed to keep its audiences glued to the show.

As per the current track, Mataji tells Sunanda that she wants to discuss about Amar and Mohini’s marriage. In the meantime, Prem informs Mataji and Sunanda that Mohini has accepted the marriage proposal. Elsewhere, Thakurayan tries to convince Siddhanth and Roli that Sunanda and Mohini are diayan and is ready to give proof for it. Meanwhile, Simar informs Prem about the call from Roli and Thakurayan coming to their house.

Now in it’s upcoming episode, Mohini will give Pooja ki thal to Simar , by that time Thakurain will come with Roli and Sid. She will point out towards Mohini and Sunanda and will tell all that they are the Dayaan.

Mataji will give Thakurain a chance to prove herself. Thakurain will ask Mohini to stand in front of Matarani but Mohini will ask her to do so first.

Amar will support Mohini and will ask Thakurain to do Pooja as well. Thakurain will agree and will do the Pooja. Thakurain will keep the thal that has powdered fruits, and with that Diya will diminish. Suspicion on Thakurain that she is Dayaan will get conformed with this incident and Police will arrest her (They will also get Tantra Vidhya things in her home).

The black cat will attack the Police man , as if supporting Thakurain. It will further attack Sujata but Mohini will protect Sujata. Mohini will get to know that Amar supported Simar and Roli in bringing Thakurain home. Mohini will then decide that she will not marry Amar, everyone will try to convince her but Mohini will refuse…

Sunanda will decide to return to their home town. Mataji will agree to Sunanda and will allow them to leave..

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