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#SpoilerAlert: Shastri Sisters and its upcoming twist


Shastri SistersGear up for the high voltage in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ Shastri Sisters..

As per the current track, Anu questions Bella as to why she informed Raghav about the help she wanted. Elsewhere, the real Rajat tries to use a piece of glass to set himself free. In the meantime, Devyani and Alka get into an argument as to who did Anu like more. Meanwhile, Anu is able to free herself from Raghav at the temple. 

Now in its upcoming episode, Police will ask Anu to give her statement. Here at home , marriage ceremony will be in full swing. Anu will give her statement and will tell Police that she want to make a call at home.

Anu will make a call at home but no one will pick up her phone. Then Anu will ask lift from Police. Anu will then leave for Delhi. Suddenly, the Police’s car will break down. Then Anu will take lift from old couple.

Here Shaddi will start . Somehow Anu will reach home and will see Rajat getting married to Devyani…

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