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Rafi Malik talks about Friendship and roses!


Actor Rafi Malik who is currently working in producer Rajan Shahi’s  ‘Tere Sheher Mein’ bonds with his  co-star Anjum Fakih.

We asked what friendship means to him?

He says, “Friendship for me is a pure relation or bond that we share with our closed ones without any complaints or any demands. Meeting them and celebrating each and every moment with our friends by having great time together brings memories which we cherish forever. Memories are the best part of friendship. For me, it is also to ignore all those silly mistakes and forget what is done or said and just enjoy with a new start of something better always”.

On being asked about his Favourite rose among red or yellow he chose yellow and said, “I prefer yellow as it symbolizes friendship, where you can express your feelings more as a friend. Where as In case of Red rose it is more over used to express or show your love to loved ones. Roses are a good way to communicate your emotions”.

Lastly when we asked about how is his bonding with his Friend and co-star Anjum Fakih?

He replied, “My bonding with my Anjum is really good and healthy as we share a good friendship off screen and good chemistry on screen”.

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