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Stars, Land, Gold and Silver for Digangana Suryavanshi

Digangana Suryavanshi

These days, actress Digangana Suryavanshi who is popularly known as Veera is on cloud nine as recently two fans bought a star on her and named it after her, ” Princess Digangana Suryavanshi” & ” Most Beloved Digangana Suryavanshi” .

A group of builders has also gifted her a land in Jodhpur and Few days back a group of fans had also gifted Digangana gold and silver jewellery.

So we get in touch with Digangana to know her reaction.

Q) What all gifts did you get? And how do you feel about it?

A) I feel very overwhelmed and I’m very thankful to all the fans who actually put in efforts in making those gifts or buying or writing those letters or put in every single effort and send me all of these so I’m really overwhelmed and I could actually feel the kind of affection and love that they have for me which gets me emotional every time. They send me like life size teddy bears, they send me toys, they send me, I don’t know how many letters, greeting cards and everything of that sort. They send me dresses, they send me jewelry, like pure gold and diamond jewelry, they send me silver jewelry, like they named a star on me and then the recent one was that they actually named a piece of land in Jodhpur for me. Yeah, all the things are very very overwhelming. They make me feel like a princess and very special , and everything that they say, they actually mean it.

Q) What was your first reaction when you were gifting land and came to know that someone named a star after your name?

A) I had freaked out . I had nothing to say. Like what do I say? So yeah, it got me emotional and was in tears and was so thankful and the reasons that they gift all of these things to me are, you know, appreciating the hardwork that I’ve done and that overwhelms me even more.

Q) Would you like to thank anyone specifically?

A) Well, I really want to thank them for appreciating things that I do and for always standing by me , like you know the first support system any individual could ever have is your family. I’m really blessed with a incredible family. And now fans, are bringing up like an extended family feeling for me which is extremely touching.

Q) Would you like to say anything else about this? Any message or anything?

A) No, I’m just really thankful and I just hope I entertain you guys in every possible way for the rest of my life and we always cherish the connection we have. And I really pray and I ask, like in my prayer to have that bond and connectivity every single minute.

Honey Sheth and Anjali Sharma


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