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Actor Rohit Bharadwaj is all set to return to India!

Rohit Bharadwaj

Actor Rohit Bharadwaj who is better known as Yudhistir from Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Mahabharat is enjoying his stardom in Indonesia. Rohit Bhardwaj  who is known for his versatility had become a big superstar in Indonesia. Rohit is currently judging a reality show called Eat Bulaga which is very big there. Rohit has become a household name in Indonesia.

Talking about his stardom and craze in Indonesia Rohit says,”Recently Eat Bulaga has got an award for the best show and it is an achievement because getting an award at this stage when the show is not that old is really commendable.”

Rohit also shares how he enjoys his hosting and judging capability in the show. “I have often asked this question to me that why people over here love me? The answer I get always is they have discovered me as Rohit which is very interesting. People in Indonesia initially watched me in Mahabharat as sincere Yudhistir but here in the show they are seeing the real me and I guess that fascinates them. As an artist I am also learning a lot. Through this show I am meeting people from China, Bangladesh and getting to know their culture. So in a way It’s a life changing experience for me.”

So how much does Rohit know the official language of Indonesia now which is Bhasa? “

No I can’t speak but I can understand the language very well because after working with the crew for so many months you can guess what they are talking about.” Rohit definitely misses his country a lot. As he adds,”I miss my family a lot. Thanks to the technology that I get to see and talk to my daughter now she goes to a school so not possible for her to come here often.”

After a long stay of close to 9 months Rohit is all set to come back to India next month as he adds,”I am looking forward to return to India next month.”


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