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‘I believe in the concept of saying Thank You’: Gunjan Utreja

‘I believe in the concept of saying thank you’ Says Gunjan Utreja as he speaks about his upcoming show Shukriya and hosting Pro Kabaddi League

Gunjan Utreja

Gunjan Utreja, who is currently seen hosting Pro Kabaddi league, will also be seen hosting Shukriya, ZINDAGI  channel’s first non- fiction show which will be aired from this Sunday. The show gives common people a chance to thank their loved ones and they can also show their gratitude towards them by fulfilling their dream or unfulfilled desire. The charming and witty Gunjan Utreja has been roped in to anchor this show. Shukriya is a finite series of 13 episodes and by looking at the response which the promo of the show is getting, then the makers are all ready to get in season two as well.

We tested various anchors and actors from the Industry but it was only Gunjan who fit the bill for the same said a channel source.

When quizzed about the show, Gunjan replied I loved the concept and live by the philosophy of ‘the more you are grateful in your life the more you have in your life to be grateful.’ Son for me it was a dream come true to do a show like this on a channel which has created a niche for quality entertainment.

“As the show is named Shukriya, we asked Gunjan who he would like to say Shukriya to, to which he said, “I would like to thank almighty for everything and my mother. When I was a kid I always used to ask God for several stuff like good marks or my chivalrous demands. One day my mother told me to thank God for life and for everything that he has given us. And from that very day I believe in the concept of saying ‘Shukriya’.  It actually make one’s day when you show gratitude.”

When quizzed Gunjan about how does he manage anchoring two different shows, he added, “I like sports and when I am anchoring for Pro Kabaddi, I just don’t have to speak about winning or losing. I need to give certain insight on the game for which I am actually researching and I am glad people like it. Shukriya, on the other hand, is very close to my heart. I feel connected to it and there’s no script for it. I spoke what i felt and i am glad it was appreciated by my creative director and my director. “‘

Lastly, when asked when we can see him doing daily soap, he said, I will surely update you soon once in sign the dotted line.


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