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Shivin Narang blew 25 candles!

Shivin Narang aka Ranvi of ‘Ek Veer ki ardaas Veera’  celebrated his 25th birthday on 7th August. Remembering his childhood memories from Delhi, the TV actor says, “In childhood, I was always excited about birthdays. At that time, wishing at midnight was not important. Everybody used to wish me in the morning. In school, it was allowed to wear civil clothes just on the birthdays. I would visit the principal and offer largest chocolate to the class teacher. It was like being the king for a day! Friends take special attention and take high pride when you chose them to distribute chocolates. Then again there used to be a celebration at home. I would impatiently wait for the party to get over so I can open the gifts. Even today, I am enthusiastic about my birthday, not for toffees but the attention and love my fans give me.”
The birthday boy celebrated birthday with family. “My parents have arrived two days ago. We were planning to go to Shirdi but now we will go after my birthday. Otherwise, we don’t have a plan. My close friends and staff members came  home for a little gathering”
Though Shivin does not expect any gifts and says it hardly matters, his fans have already showered him in heaps of gifts. Shivin comments,”I have already collected various cards, cups and T-shirts gifted by my fans from various places. I am overwhelmed by their love and affection. My family is forcing me to buy an expensive watch but I am very bad at buying something for myself. except food. My mom and brother have brought gifts from Delhi.”

Many regards Shivin as a youth representative of TV actors and sees great potential in him. The actor replies, “Well, I am happy that I represent youth. Tomorrow I’ll be representing another age group. It is a matter of growing and learning. And I would like to thank the people who think like that for me. I appreciate their love and affection and I promise to give my best in future.”


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