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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu, Udaan and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

Spoiler Alert

Balika Vadhu: A confused Nimboli asks Mangla about Urmila’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, in Jaitsar, Kalyani and Anandi are happy about Anant’s decision to settle down in Jaitsar.Kundan tells Manav that he is going to be a father soon. Manav tells Kundan that he should have a baby boy. Later, Kundan tells Urmila that they should have a boy.

Udaan: Babu tries his best to assure Chakor that Madamji will take good care of her. The children get happy when they see food in front of them.Chakor shares her fears with Chanduji. Later, the guards forcibly take Chakor for the blood test. Meanwhile, the social worker invites Nawazuddin on the stage.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Mir, Nicator and Noor feel restless. They fear that, if Dharma and her son are found by Ashoka, their plan to take over the throne will be ruined. Hence, Mir decides to befriend Ashoka.Mir decides to befriend Ashoka to execute his nefarious objective. Ashoka, however, decides to double-cross Mir, hoping that he will admit his involvement in many crimes.


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