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Actor Kunal Thakur speaks on holiday and bond with Mrunal Jain and Prerna Wanwari!

1.Whose idea it was to go for Aqua Imagica?

A- It was my wife’s idea. We had been to aqua imagica two months back so it was her idea of going again.


2.What activities/rides you did?

A-We did all the rides. In fact the scariest one from which we fall down at 90 degrees that we did twice.


3.Are you fond of water as you have been brought up in Mumbai the city of sea?

A-Yes. I love water. I go swimming every now and then and I enjoy it so yes I am fond of water.


4.Throw light on your friendship with Mrunal?

A-We share a very special bond because our first show was ‘Mahabharat’ where we were playing ‘Krishna’ and ‘Balram’. And even in the other show ‘Nandini’ we were brothers. So we share a very brotherly bond and we stayed in touch since then.


5.Throw light on your friendship with Prerna Wanwari?

A-Again Prerna was playing my sister’s character in ‘Nandini’. She’s a very sweet girl and we get along very well. And she is a good friend.


6.How was it having quality time with wife as well besides friends?

A-It was really great. It was a different experience. We had always gone for outings before marriage and now we went so it was different. All the topics were different but all included it  was a great trip with her.


7.Do you feel short holidays are important for actors to rejuvenate themselves?

A-Definitely yes. To be very frank actors life is very tough because of the insecurities and pressure on them. So holidays on the other side makes us enjoy life a little bit besides work. Because when we have so much of work we don’t have time to breath so when we have time one should definitely enjoy and short holidays are perfect to enjoy.


8.Does good company matter when you go for holidays?

A-Of course. The bigger the group the more we enjoy such places. Even we 12 of us were supposed to go but we 6 went and had the best time. And also in the scary rides it helps.


9.What is your ideal  idea of relaxation?

A- I love watching films. That is my ideal idea of relaxation. I would always prefer a to watch a movie.


10.What kind of holidays you like?

A-I like beach places. Relaxed places like Maldives, Phuket such places are very relaxing and I feel good being there. Maldives is my favourite destination for a peaceful holiday.



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