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What Independence Day means to TV Actors????

Independence Say

What Independence day means to you? What do you intend to do independence day?

Which is your favourite patriotic song and why? Who is your favourite freedom fighter and why?

Angad Hasija: “Independence day for me is which reminds what one feels internally about it. About freedom and all those freedom fighters who have initiated and contributed to bring this day. I intend to work as I like to work on such important days but as it will be a holiday so I will be with my family.

My favourite patriotic song is ‘Ye desh hai veer jawano ka’ because I feel no one is as strong as our soldiers who work so hard to protect our country. My favourite freedom fighter is Bhagat singh because he inspires me”.

Aishwarya sakhuja: “I belong to an army family so these days per sae means a lot to me like Independence day or republic day where patriotism comes in but for me now that I am all grown up I understand how the government functions etc now Independence day is just a reminder for being grateful to the kind of country’s development that has happened and being hopeful that it’s only going to be better now.

I intend either to be a part of the celebration which will happen in my building or I will be in Delhi with my father.

I remember my mother sitting in the morning and crying listening to the patriotic songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar. I like ‘Aye mere pyaare watan’ It is very dear to my heart. My favourite freedom fighter would be everyone because I think people criticise Gandhi Ji and go crazy about Bhagat singh or vice versa, I feel this is very wrong because everyone has gone ahead and done so much for the country. We criticise about the country, we criticise about the way of functioning of the thing but we don’t really do anything except that. So all of them, from Gandhiji to Sarojini Naidu had taken the initiative so I respect all of them”.

Vindhya Tiwary: “Independence day means a lot to me. Whenever I think about this day it always reminds me of our freedom fighters and their deeds and contribution to our country. All that we do and have freedom of doing it is all because of them. I have so much of love and respect for them because they were so courageous that they have contributed and I feel very proud that our nation had such wonderful freedom fighters. It’s always a holiday on this day where we get one day off from our busy schedule so no plans but I strongly feel that we should take an initiative or responsibility towards our country to make it a better one.

‘Mere desh ki dharti’ is my favourite because I remember in my childhood days when I used to go to my farmhouse with my family, my father use to take me to the farms and show me the real ‘dharti’ where I use to see all the farmers striving hard for their living, and after some months when I use to see the outcome of their hard work I use to feel that they are the real rockstars. So I find this song very connecting and I like it.

Chandrashekhar Azad Is my favourite freedom fighter. As he belonged to Allahabad and I have heard many stories about him because I am from Varanasi so I have heard a lot about him how he used to plan and fight against the terror. And even Bhagat Singh because one can never forget his contribution for our country. So I don’t think in among them I can choose one, as they all have contributed a lot in some or the other way and I respect everyone a Lot”.

Arjun Bijlani: “I think this day is the most important day in every Indians life because we got our independence on this day. And this was only possible because of the hard work and the contribution by our freedom fighters who fought and gave us independence. Because of them we all are living such a peaceful life and are free to live in our own way. Though we are still lacking in a lot of things in which we need to pull our socks on but I guess over a period of time we came to a long way and we have still a long way to go.

I think I would be a part of flag hosting where I would be invited or as it is a holiday I would spend the time with my family.

My favourite patriotic song is ‘Ayee mere watan ke logon’ because this song is one of my favourite song. This song reminds me all are soldiers and freedom fighters who succeeded in achieving their dream and let us have a secured life and also the lyrics are so pure that one could actually feel it.

My favourite freedom fighters are Bhagat Singh and Gandhiji because they led and executed their movements in such a way which is so inspiring and got the country together to fight against freedom which was needed and gave us our right”.

Ravish Desai: “Independence for me is freedom. The way of expressing my views my, thoughts, my opinions in the way I want to. It’s like living my life in my way at my own terms without any restrictions. It’s about raising my voice against injustice or any wrong doing. At the end of the day I want to be a part of democracy where if l have a right to vote then I also have a right to decide how I want this country to run as well. And I think if everyone feels like this then definitely India will be one of the superpowers and that’s when we will really be independent.
I am an extremely patriotic person. As I listen to those songs and our national anthem I get tears in my eyes. So every independence day we can see people selling those batches and small flags of India so I buy one of them and just pin it up very close to my heart. I have also kept a small tiranga in my car. No matter how the government is running the country at the end of the day we are very proud to be an Indian.
There are a lot of patriotic songs which are my favourites. But that one song which is very close to my heart is ‘Aye watan aye watan humko teri kasam’ I just love the way it was portrayed in the movie, the March pass where they were escorting Bharat Singh to hang. I get goose bumps every time I hear or watch video of that song. This song is really close to my heart. It somehow explains every single emotion that an Indian goes through and how we feel about the country.
My favorite freedom fighter is definitely Bhagat Singh. Not because there are many films made on him but I feel as a personality, or as a character he is quite rebellious. He never stood for injustice and never stood for anything wrong, also stood up against some freedom fighters at that time and his points were always put across in a way where he thinks he was right. So Bhagat Singh is someone who would connect to the youth too and he is my favorite freedom fighter”.

Akhlaque Khan: “Independence day reminds me of my school days. Dressing up in white, school parade, flag hoisting, patriotic songs and getting a laddoo which was priceless. This independence day I plan to have a small chai or coffee get together at my house with few friends.

My favourite patriotic song is Rang De Basanti (Title track). I love the lyrics and the peppy music. Even the video is too awesome.

My favourite freedom fighter is of course Bhagat Singh. His passion for motherland, his tolerance level and his strength at that young age is commendable”.


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