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Is Divyanka a follower of self-proclaimed Godwoman Radhe Maa?


Ever since the self-proclaimed god woman Radhe Maa has been in the news, the names of several celebrities who are her followers, have been tumbling out of the closet.

The latest to be added to the list is possibly Divyanka Tripathi, a very popular face on TV for her show Ye Hai Mohabbatein.

Photos of Divyanka have been leaked online in which the actor is seen folding her hands and standing in front of Radhe Maa. She is seen tying a red cloth on her forehead. By looking at the pics any one might think that she is a devotee. However, the actress hasn’t said anything about this yet.

While the highly popular actress has remained mum on the issue, the picture suggests that Divyanka is a true devotee of the controversial Godwoman. The 50-year-old self-proclaimed Godwoman, who hails from Punjab, has been accused by a 32-year-old woman of provoking her in-laws to demand dowry


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