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Anas Rashid and Kanika Maheshwari are no more friends

AnasAnas Rashid aka Sooraj and Kanika aka Meena of “Diya Aur Baati Hum” were the best friends once upon a time. Be it sets or off the sets both were inseparable but as per recent reports the two are no longer friends.

They are not even on talking terms on the sets. As per a reliable source on the set “Anas and Kanika used to sit together in the same make-up room for the entire day.

Also they used to hang out and party together. Kanika was also very good friends with Anas’s girlfriend Rati Pandey but of late they are not even on talking terms.

Anas’s high-handed attitude sparked this. Slowly Kanika started growing close to Deepika Singh, Anas’s rival and finally their friendship ended on a sour note.”

Whereas other source from the set says that “Kanika has a big mouth. She was good friends with Anas and at the sometime she used to bitch about him with other people.

Anas does not like all these things and hence he decided to part ways with his long time friend Kanika. They hardly talk to each other now.”


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