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Pratyusha Banerjee falls down at home!


Actress Pratyusha Banerjee got hurt at her home in Malad two days back. She says, “I woke up early morning around 4 am to drink some water. My center table which was of glass was broken the night before. So as soon as I went to take the bottle I heard something cracked so when I looked at the floor, the floor was all in blood. There was a lot of blood which was constantly coming out from my leg. I got hurt badly and the wound is still very bad. After this I had to go for my shoot so the whole day I was shooting and I didn’t get time to visit the doctor so I just bandaged myself with another brown bandage on It, then I wore a black slacks and then I wore my saree on top of it for the shoot on that day so that I don’t get hurt. So because of that I was unable to walk and my wound got more horrible so my friend Rahul came and took me to the home from hospital and got his special doctor.

How are you managing, she says, “ I am just chit-chatting and on sets and diverting my mind”. Rahul Raj Singh her boyfriend or should we say special friend  says, “I took her to the hospital and took care of her. She is a professional and resumed shooting as the show must go on. I was in Hyderabad for some work and I rushed back to Mumbai as soon as I came to know”


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