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Spoiler Alert: Swarigini ,Sasural Simar Ka and Meri Aashiqi Tumse Hi

Spoiler Alert

Swarigini: Rivalry of two sisters Swara and Ragini are keeping the viewers hooked. This week Ragini will cook food and put extra salt in the food and later tell everyone that Swara has put salt in the food to project her as bad ‘bahu’. Everyone will be shocked at this. Later Sanskar will tell Swara that he has the evidence of Ragini putting extra salt in the food.

Sasural Simar Ka: This week Simar will succeed in finding Prem. This week Simar and Bhardwaj family will try to trap Mohini and her mother. After all the suicide drama Mohini and her mom will come back to life and go back to Bhardwaj house. They will not find anyone in the house. They will only see the ‘earthen pot’ in puja room.

Meri Aashiqi Tumse Hi: This week there will be huge fight between Ranveer and Ishani.Ranveer will ask Ishani to divorce him but Ishani will tell him that she will never divorce him. Ranveer tells Ishani that she is making his life hell and he wants to go away from her and jumps into the river. Ishani also jumps to save Ranveer.


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