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Sriti Jha enjoying her new modern look in ‘Kumkum Bhagya”

Sriti Jha

Last week Sriti Jha went a makeover in her show “Kumkumbhagya” and turned into a modern girl. It was not only a drastic change for the viewers but also for Sriti herself. Sriti Jha in Kumkumbhagya

From a nerd to a stylish and modern girl, it was a good change for Sriti. Talking about it Sriti says “I have never played any modern girl character in any of my shows.

This is the first time I am donning ultra modern avatar. And everyone is shocked at his sudden makeover. However I am missing my specs.

I wear specs in real life. So it was easy for me to carry Pragya’s character. And salwar suit were simple ones. So no tension at all. But now I have to wear contact lenses.

So it’s little difficult. However my character demands it so it’s ok.”

In the upcoming episodes Pragya will takeover Abhi’s business and property. She will be the boss.Eventually Tanu will say no to Abhi for marriage as Abhi has lost all his property.

Then Pragya will reveal the truth of Tanu’s child and later Aaliya’s reality will also come out. Abhi will throw Aaliya and Pragya out of the house.


One comment on “Sriti Jha enjoying her new modern look in ‘Kumkum Bhagya”

  1. Abhi will throw pragya out??? Seriously or was it typing mistake???? She is doing this for him only right


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