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Shashank Sethi who entered Doli Armanoo Ki wants to play it like Karanveer Bohra!

Shashank Sethi


Shashank Sethi who recently replaced Purunjay Singh as ‘Chiku’ in ‘Doli armaano ki’ said he didn’t feel any pressure as it doesn’t bothers him. He had that ‘acting ka keeda’ since childhood. Before coming to Mumbai, he used used to do print shoots in Delhi.

The actor says,”I wasn’t scared or nervous like any new comers when I faced camera for the first time. Experience changes everything. I have learnt a lot by working. Now it’s a big difference since I started my TV career with Balaji’s ‘Kya dil me hai’ on 9X. I was main lead in my second show and ‘Love Dosti Dua’ was the ninth show. It was an awesome experience.”

The TV actor’s dream role is ‘Prem’ of ‘Kasauti Zindagi Key’ which was played by Karanveer Bohra and would love to share the screen space with Salaman Khan who is his personal favorite.

Shashank goes along with everyone on the sets of ‘Doli armaano ki’.”They are very supportive. We have been shooting for 3-4 days but no one let me feel that I am not here since the first day. All are really nice. Most people I knew even before joining the show.”

Talking further about TV industry the actor says,”The best advantage about TV industry is that you have something to do new every single day. If you are a good actor and know how to talk in different manner; you can show many diverse things in one character only. You are not to be bounded by anything. The worst is of course timings and tight schedule. There is no space for ‘me’ time.”

Other than acting, Shashank loves to sing romantic songs. Sonu Nigam is his ideal and he would love to dance in Bollywood style like Govinda on screen.


One comment on “Shashank Sethi who entered Doli Armanoo Ki wants to play it like Karanveer Bohra!

  1. Thanks for the article. Love the show Doli Armaanon ki and Neha Sargam


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