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Spoiler Alert: Dream Girl and Piya Rangrezz

 Spoiler Alert
Piya Rangrezz: Suhneri tells that she saw two thieves in Bhanwari’s room. When she tried to stop them, they held her at gun point and made her write that letter.Bhanwari tells Shraddha that in order to win over Sher, she has to complete three tasks. However, if she loses, she will have to go away from Sher’s life forever.
Dream Girl: Karan consoles Laxmi and tells her to forget the old memories. The door bell rings and Laxmi opens the door and is shocked to see Samar there. Samar calls Abhimanyu. Karan and Laxmi get tensed.Laxmi asks Samar to light the candle. Samar tells her that she reminds him of Laxmi as she looks exactly like her. As he turns to leave, Laxmi calls him Raj. Samar is stunned.

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