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Aishwarya Sakhuja talk about her brother Shyam Sakuja


1. How you keep in touch in today’s day and age?
I am very close to my brother. He used to be my biggest enemy in childhood but we have grown very close. He lives in Dubai. Now we chat on phone and Skype as he lives in Dubai.

2. Why is this occasion special for you?
My brother is very special to me. I like the concept of dedicating a day to my brother when he promises me to protect. We are hardly together on Rakshabandhan but it’s special to me.

3. What is the sweetest thing/memorable gift they have given you?
My brother always insist that I wear gold but I never wear gold. However, I used to wear 2 – 3 rings. A few years back when I was dating Rohit, My brother and sister-in-law sent me a beautiful gold ring shaped like a snake because Rohit’s surname is Nag. It was funny yet I liked it.

4. How do  they  celebrate Rakshabandhan, what do they usually do?
I just call him and make sure my rakhi reaches him.

5. how is the celebration different from their childhood days?
It’s nothing like a celebration anymore. In my childhood, Mom used wake up and prepare thali and other things for puja. Now he is in Dubai and I am in Mumbai but just talking to him relaxes me.Having him around even on phone makes me happy.


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