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Dalljiet speaks about her bond with Barun Sobti


Actress Dalljiet Kaur who was  loved in ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Du’ shares her thoughts about her relationship with Barun Sobti. Barun is a television and bollywood actor and I giving and hoping his best in bollywood. We asked Dalljiet, How did you become sister to Barun sobti? She says, “The relationship was real from the first time I met him. His brotherly emotion was there from the very first day but with time our bond became stronger and he is someone I can call in the middle of the night when in trouble and he will be there taking care of me and my baby anytime”. Next we asked her, What is the best thing about the bond? She replied, “The special and best the best thing is the fact that we never have to speak about the emotion we have towards each other in words. He has stood responsibly like a brother and his strength to support me is in his aura, when he stands next to me while I am hurt is more than enough and I feel protected. I have known him for over five years now and worked with him in ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. It’s just the start of our wonderful bond”.

 She elaborates, “I have not yet tied rakhi to him. The only person I tie rakhi to is my childhood friend Pradeep. I tied him first rakhi after almost ten years. Barun holds a special place in my heart and so does Akshay dogra. They both have been a darling to me since my ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Du’ days. I will tie both of them rakhi very soon”. Lastly when asked for words to describe Barun Sobti, She says, “For me describing Barun is very easy because he is the most humble, simple, grounded, responsible,  witty, hardworking and a true gentleman. He is someone who teaches simplicity in every action. He will not speak a lot but when the time comes he will silently stand by me holding my hand through the worst storm. I have never in person told him this but on this rakhi I would like to tell him that I love him a lot. I am very fortunate to have him in my life. And also want to thank him for everything he has done for me unconditionally. In the end she also adds, “My rakhi wish for him is that by next year same time he should be a huge bollywood star and I want to see him flourish”. Well Daljiet may your bond with Barun remain perfect forever!


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