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“Comedy Superstars, unlike other comedy shows, is a family entertainer- Shekar Suman


Shekhar Suman, who has been ruling the entertainment world for over two decades with his wit and humour is doing Pankita Sadrani and Arun Sheshkumar’s  reality show Comedy Superstars on Sab TV. The show is a talent-hunt that promises to scout for the best man in the business of comedy.

“The world has become a reality show like Bigg Boss and we are all its contestants. We are always under scrutiny just like in Bigg Boss. There are tiny cameras everywhere recording everything we do. Though, in the show, it’s the Bigg Boss who controls the cameras, mobile technology has turned everybody into a watcher in our case. We cannot hide anything,” he says. We ask him if he ever wants to be a part of a show like Bigg Boss and pat comes the reply, “No. There is no need for me to be part of any reality show.”

Commenting on the high-profile Sheena Bora case, he says, “For me, the culprit is the culprit irrespective of where they come from or what position they hold in society. What has happened is sad. But I believe, this murder mystery has become a dinner-table conversation for many. The social networking sites have turned it into a big issue. People are more interested in the unnecessary juicy details. And, social media provides fodder to such juicy debates.”

Talking about the show, Suman has all good things to say about it where he is seen as a judge alongside Sushmita Sen and Sonu Sood. He says, “Comedy Superstars, unlike other comedy shows, is a family entertainer. It has no vulgarity. Though, a vulgar joke evokes more laughter and comedians are using unparliamentary words to make people laugh. But this show promises to offer clean comedy with some intelligence.”

When asked him for an advice for today’s comedians and he shares, “Self-censorship is a must for them. And, I see no harm in it. One should know what to say and what not to say.” Quiz him about the challenging part of being a judge and he replies, “I think the most challenging part of being a judge is to be fair. One shouldn’t be biased


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