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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu and Sasural Simar Ka

Spoiler Alert
Sasural Simar Ka: Khushi asks Pari to rest, but Khushi leaves the room. Pari calls Mohini informing her that Simar is planning something, but couldn’t hear her plan. Sunanda is upset as they don’t know Simar’s plan.Shailu tells everyone that Mohini has done black magic on Pari and before Pari could react, everyone holds her and ties her to a chair. Simar and Amar are shocked to see Mohini at the door.
Balika Vadhu:  Kundan tries to molest Nimboli. Meanwhile, the family members get tensed when they don’t find Nimboli at home. Nimboli goes to the cops, who realise that she is Akhreaj’s daughter-in-law.Nimboli and the inspector arrive at Akheraj’s house. The inspector warns Akheraj to take care of Nimboli and tells him that she can be a problem for him. Later, Harkhi locks Kundan in a room.

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