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Spoiler Alert: Meri Aashiqi Tumse Hi and Jamai Raja

Spoiler Alert

Meri Aashiqi Tumse Hi: This week Ranveer will get to know about Ritika’s truth. On her first night Ritika will reveal about her real intentions. Ranveer will be shocked to know this. Ritika will also stab Ranveer on his back. Ishani will plead Ritika to leave Ranveer. Ranveer will struggle for his life.RV will tell Ishaani that he know Ritika’s true colours and that he is aware that Ritika has blamed Ishaani for everything. He will tell her that his marriage to Ritika is not binding.Amba and Kailash will be shocked to see that Parekh has returned home. RV will tell everyone the truth about Ritika. Kailash will apologize to Ishaani.

Jamai Raja: This will DD will again start showing her negative shade and tell Roshni that she should not adopt Ayesha. DD tells Ayesha that she should go from here and locks her in the kitchen cabinet. Later Aayesha falls sick and suffocates in the cabinet. Doctor comes to treat Ayesha. Roshni and Sid decides to leave the spot.


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